Min-Pin Mix            

                  whelped July 7, 2008     


Congratulations to Laura and Windsor for earning their

C-ATCH  at Teamworks, Youngsville, NC, May, 2015.      




CPE TITLES:                  C-atch

OTHER:                           CGC; ASCA RNA



          Windsor is a male min-pin mix rescue from W.A.R.M that Laura  adopted when he was seven months old, and it was "love at first lick."

          Windsor started "obility" in the fall of 2009 and has been taking agility classes ever since. His first agility trial was November 2010 where Windsor and Laura learned that standard courses were their favorite.                                         

          In March of 2011, Laura and Windsor added to their family, adopting two year old Wilma, a very sweet tripod female terrier mix.  Wilma and Windsor love to play tug of war together.