Blackfoot's Hit 'n the High Note 


whelped March 15, 2014



 Owners:  Robin Egerter and Pat Lockheed

Handler:  Robin Egerter and Pat Lockheed


CPE Titles: CL1; CL2

Other:  Skyhoundz Disc Competition, Surfside Beach, SC                                               2015-2nd; 2017-2nd; ASCA Rally Novice




          Harper is an explosive pup in a small package.  Our 45 pound blonde bombshell is a work in progress.  She is extremely intelligent with boundless energry.  When her brain catches up with her body she will be an awesome agility competitor.

          Harper earned her Level 2 Title at the A Way to Play Agility Trial in March 2017, topping it off with a perfect day!  She is able to move to Level 3 but until she can run clean and listen consistently she will remain in Level 2.  Her enthusiam and spirit are unwaivoring, and she can entertain a crowd.